Monday, June 15, 2009

Sinful Colors Review

I absolutely love these nail polishes. The colors are so vibrant and 2 coats actually looks like the bottle color. I get these at a beauty shop in my mall but you can also get them online and they are the same price, $2.50.
The bottles are similar to the OPI nail polishes but the brushes aren't as big so its a little harder to apply but they are still great for the price you pay. I give these 4 stars :)

The colors in the picture left to right
Feeling Great- Hot pink with no sparkle
Tokyo Doll- Hot pink with a lot of shimmer
Tapping Nails- Bright Orange with Green shimmer
SanFransicso- Bright Emerald Green with tons of shimmer
Gorgeous-Shimmery teal
Midnight Blue- Electric Blue with a lot of shimmer
Rich In Heart- A dark Maroon with red shimmer

1 comment:

  1. Wow these look like such beautiful vibrant colours which I love for nail polishes. I usually use the brand called 'ULTRA3' and they are also some very bright colours, although they do tend to chip easily. I think I'll be looking out to give these a go now.

    - Charlotte. =].