Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rockaholic Dirty Secret Review

Dirty Secret is a dry shampoo that comes in an 6.3 oz. arosol can. It is supposed to "Keep your hair rockin' for one more day". I bought mine at Trade Secret for 18.95 plus tax.

Instructions-Spray at roots to absorb excess oils, make hair smell fresh and keep it rocking one more night..Shake well before use.

This was before i used the dry shampoo. I had my hair up all day at school so my roots were a little bit oily but it was noticable.

After spraying and rubbing Dirty Secret into my roots. My roots look a little bit lighter but the oilyness is gone.

My opinion on the product is that its great for if you wake up late or need to go out to dinner but don't have time to take a shower and blowdry your hair. I wouldn't recommend trying to use this everyday and never take a shower. That would just be gross. But the product does what it claims and you get a pretty large amount. The bottle is about the size of the aussie volume hair spray.

The problems i do have with the product is that it is a powder and so you really have to rub it in or your hair looks like you poured white board chalk dust on your head and even when you do really rub it in your hair is lighter and it doesn't look as normal. Another problem is the smell. I smells like oranges or some kind of citrus and I just don't like that kind of smell for my hair products. The only other thing that bothered me is that when i went to take photos for this review and tried to spray the product nothing came out. Somehow the new full bottle that i bought 4 days ago was completely empty. It has been sitting in my drawer and I am positive no one I live with used it. I have no idea where it all went but Trade Secret let me exchange it for a new one so i was happy :]
Overall i would give this product 3.5 stars.


  1. Wow I had never even heard of such a thing but it does sound pretty cool and could be quite useful for when you wake up late, like you said. Good review! =].

  2. great review thanks so much :)