Tuesday, June 16, 2009

late night chats.

I finally saw my boyfriend! he took me out to dinner tonight, so that made my day :) I'm so glad I'm done with school. I'm ready for summer! :)

I don't think i said this on here yet but my boyfriend and I bought tickets to the Blink182 and Falloutboy concert which is going to be at virginia beach! I'm so excited!! Originally Elio had told me that Blink was playing with Weezer and TakingBackSunday which made me like pee my pants because Blink182 and Taking Back Sunday are two of my favorite bands but aparently Elio just likes to piss me off and so yeah Blinks playing with falloutboy which isnt that bad..but they just aren't good live and i don't like they're new stuff.


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  1. There you are getting ready for holidays and summer and here I am getting ready for university and buying big coats for the winter... hehe! Hope you enjoy your concert at Virginia Beach!

    - Charlotte. =].